10 Lessons Gleaned from Prince's Life

Two years after Prince's death, I would like to honor him. I must admit that when he was alive, I liked some of his music but was not a fan of his brand. I thought he was profane and vulgar.

I have a weird habit of wanting to know more about people after they dieespecially if they die tragically. I have poured over countless music videos and interviews on YouTube. Prince was a Leader and a Lifter. Although he was a complex and troubled soul, he challenged the music industry courageously. He also lifted other talented musicians with depth and grace.

Prince believed that artists should control what they create from start to finish. What I discovered is inspiring and can be applied by entrepreneurs, workers and even organizations.

10 Lessons from the Life of Prince:

  1. To evolve, you need a mentor.
  2. Hone your craft.
  3. Create something meaningful. Think deeply about what you are making and for whom you are making it.
  4. Fun follows the "music" you make. It's not about the party; it's about the experience.
  5. Be bold. Take on the gatekeepers.
  6. Take time to meet with and appreciate people who speak your language.
  7. If you have the right intentions, your "fans" will grow with you.
  8. Don't be afraid to change the rules to make something greater.
  9. Care about what's happening in the world and try to affect it for good.
  10. Create an atmosphere for optimal execution.

My favorite Prince quotations are:

When you’re called, you’re called.
I don’t know how any of us grow if we just tread water.
There seems to be a glut of processed, prepackaged, producer-driven music. I’m just trying to bring real musicians back.
Who says you have to play the same thing every time?

Finally, check out the back story of Prince's halftime performance at Super Bowl XLI and let him show you how to turn a terrible downpour into a Purple Rain experience.