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Christina Roberts Enneking is a change agent, an innovation catalyst and a mentor for organizational simplicity. She helps clients uncover their own purpose, authenticity and personal "Ahas".

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In 2010, I was in the prime of my career at a think-tank company in Silicon Valley, and one night my five-year-old daughter said to me, "Mommy, your heart isn't happy."  Wisdom from the mouth of a babe.

At this time, my career was demanding 80% travel and endless hours at the office.  I had to truly ask, "What makes my heart happy?  What am I meant to do with my time on this earth?" I knew I had to make a personal shift.  It was scary.  Who was I without the identity of everything I had worked so hard to achieve? Who was I without my career, my teams, my influence? I had graduated at the top of my class at Santa Clara University in Mechanical Engineering, starting work at NASA as a real "rocket scientist".  I graduated from UC Berkeley with a Master's Degree in Nuclear Engineering while getting my Business degree, all within one year. I loved that experience, especially when business students would say, “You don’t strike me as a traditional engineer!”

I worked with top CEOs of Fortune 500 companies including Jack Welch, Jeff Immelt and Carly Florina. These experiences allowed me to move into business leadership, innovation and ideation. I led a start-up telecommunications company as CFO/CTO.  I traveled around the globe. I thought I knew what I wanted in life, yet I was caught in the whirlwind of constant striving. 

I took the leap from Corporate leadership. Now, I was just me. 

When I was working in the nuclear engineering industry, I mostly loved strategy and business leadership.  Nuclear engineering was something I could do, but didn’t feel most energized sitting behind a computer cranking analysis.  Therefore, my assignments at GE Nuclear Energy were much more around project management, business leadership, and team development.

In 2010, I created two business ventures: one teaching yoga & mindfulness, and another offering leadership consulting. I resonated with corporate clients, cancer survivors, and parents raising kids in the competitive area of Silicon Valley. I continued to feed my heart. I realized I am a collaborator, a bridge-builder, and a catalyst for change. 

Passion to Serve and Lead

My passion is leading service-based retreats to 2nd and 3rd world countries. This is where I find head, heart, and hands working together brilliantly.  I work with Lighting for Literacy (LFL), bringing solar lights to places in the world who have never seen electricity. My retreats combine adventure, cultural immersion, and service opportunities for creating positive change in the areas of health, education, empowerment or environment. Service work so far has transpired in Kerala India, Malawi Africa, Osa Peninsula Costa Rica and Collado Nicaragua.

Do small things with great love.
— Mother Teresa

An amazing quote from Mother Teresa, and one that resonates when we do the LFL installations all over the world.  These karma retreats provide an opportunity for people who want to explore AND give back to others – and open themselves to a spiritual and cultural journey that is unlike any other.  We bring solar lights that are built by children in the Silicon Valley and install them into the homes and community locations where villagers who live off the grid can benefit from the gift of light.  This act is a GAME CHANGER for so many people.  The gift of light aids in education, family bonding and safety.  For example:

  • In Malawi, Africa, after installing lights at a local village school in 2012, the school headmaster literally had a “lightbulb” moment.  In her school, where 200-225 kids are enrolled for Form 1-8 (likened to 1st  - 8th grade in the USA).  By the end of the 8th year, 18-20 kids proceed to secondary school, and there haven’t ever been more than four girls graduate, ever.  When asked more about why, she said, “Most kids drop out because their parents are illiterate and need help on the farms or raising the other children, and don’t see how learning how to read and write could ever help their child.”  She then enthusiastically exclaimed, “With these lights, we can have an adult literacy program, after the fields are tended, and have the children help teach their parents how to read.  They will discover the value of education for themselves!”  This realization still sends chills up my spine.  In 2017, we heard, “We sent 12 girls to secondary school!  Thank you for the lights!"
  • In Collado Nicaragua, in a little home with three adults (mom, dad, and grandma) and four kids, they talked about how snakes often crawl into the rooms, and “they like dark spots!”  The little 10-year old boy then said, “Mommy, now we can turn on the light and see where the snakes have gone!”

I never know the impact the gift of light brings, and moreover, the gifts of humility, care, and connection that are cultivated for all who participate.  These trips create camaraderie beyond what is describable in words, and the feeling of being in service is something I find most people come back changed for the better – having a different perspective about their contributions in life.  It’s a real perspective jolt for many. Another favorite quote from Mark Nepo is “To journey without being changed is to be a nomad. To change without journeying is to be a chameleon. To journey and be transformed by the journey is to be a [warrior].” (In the original quote, Mark uses [pilgrim], but I like to replace it with Warrior!)

Brand Identity

Who am I?  I am a mom. I am a friend.  I am a teacher and a lifelong student.  I am a coach, consultant, and professional in leadership and change management.  I am a health advocate: physically, emotionally, and mentally.  I believe when we offer our skills and services to others, we uncover passion and purpose within our own lives. I help clients uncover their purpose, authenticity, and personal "AHAs."

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