Lifters, Lift!

Everything rises and falls on leadership.
— John C. Maxwell, Leadership Guru

By failing to adapt to change, many established companies have failed completely. While it is customary to place blame on top leaders when companies fail, I can't help but wonder whether there were Lifters in companies like Blockbuster, Eastman Kodak, Borders, Xerox, and Motorola who could have changed the trajectory of their declining companies simply by speaking up, sharing fresh ideas and solving uncommon problems.

Leaders, Empower Lifters.

Lifters love their organizations and have great insight into its problems. They have the ability to see significant gaps but may not have been empowered to lift the company out of despair.

Approximately 50% of workers are not engaged. Perhaps frustration has set in on many Lifters, and they have crossed over into the category of "sleepwalking" employees who are no longer actively engaged in their work. The life of an organization might depend on re-engaging Lifters and unleashing latent potential. 

Gallup Engagement Trends

Lifters, Challenge the Status Quo.

If you are a Lifter, stop waiting for permission to show your strengths. Get in the game and use your influence to challenge the status quo. Go ahead, save the day!

Lifters, Unleash Your Power!

Lifters, Unleash Your Power!