Spiritual Midwife

Keisha Naté

Keisha Naté is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia, where she earned a Bachelor and Master of Arts in Accounting.  She obtained a Master of Arts in Christian Education with an emphasis in Parachurch Ministries from Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). In addition, Keisha is currently pursuing a Doctor of Educational Ministry from DTS. She founded Encounter Ministries International® in 2014 to foster a community of ladies who are intentionally focused on becoming who the Lord created and purposed them to become.

The Impetus for Women’s Ministry

I never planned to start a women’s ministry. I intended to create a parachurch ministry to partner with churches to help them develop and strengthen their discipleship ministry.

One pivotal day, at Dallas Theological Seminary in a Christian Education class, my professor brought in ministry leaders to speak about their experiences. We had Directors of various ministries share individual successes and challenges within their areas of ministry. My professor spoke on women’s ministries. She shared the benefits, value, and challenges of ministering to women. She asked, “How many of you have been hurt by a woman?” Everyone raised his or her hand except me. As she continued to talk, I had what I called a “burning bush” moment. It’s the thing that happens when God seeks to confirm something that He doesn’t want me to miss. I knew the Lord was confirming in my spirit that women’s ministry was where He wanted me. Admittedly, I was not happy about this confirmation and audibly said, during class, ‘No, Lord.’

As I drove home from class, I thought about being the only person to have not been hurt by a woman. That’s when I realized I didn’t trust women enough to allow them to hurt me.  I didn’t care enough about a woman’s opinion to be negatively impacted. Growing up, my mother said harsh words, so I developed the defense mechanism of forgetting what people say – good or bad.

After I came to grips with women’s ministry as my call, the Lord showed me why I didn’t trust women – I did not have any good examples growing up. But then the Lord showed me every woman He placed in my life to make up the difference. I had women show me love and teach me what I never learned beginning in high school up until now. I wanted to be to someone else what those women were to me. I wanted to be a woman that other women could trust. I wanted to be to another woman what so many women were to me – present, available, loving and transparent. They shared their lives and space with me. They accepted me as the diamond in the rough that I was.  Each one made a deposit that has created the woman that I am.

 Why Encounter Ministries International (EMI)?

Encounter Ministries International Logo

The more I reflect on my experience with the Lord, the more I can truly understand why He gave me the name, Encounter Ministries International. The encounter I had with the Lord when I first begin to study His word in a Christian discipleship community five years after salvation moved me from a mediocre Christian to a disciple. It was an encounter that transformed me for life – and still is changing me. 

I believe Christianity is filled with mediocre Christians because of the lack of discipleship. We don’t know Him, and it limits His power in our lives. My heart is to show those in my sphere of influence the transforming power of the Lord as you encounter Him, His word and His people with the purpose of learning and doing.

Women are Gems

I love ministering to women. We are unique in many ways. We set the aroma in our homes, for good or bad. We are co-creators with God. We are influencers by God’s design, for good or bad. Even though Christ’s death restored us to our rightful place as image bearers and not chattel, we have still been overloaded in the Christian community. It is a powerful experience when I can tell a woman who feels she is invisible, that she is not only seen, but she is valued. I loved helping women understand their purpose and passion – that which is unique to each woman.

I believe women are the gatekeepers of generational blessings (and curses). People who have a legacy of faith, they talk about praying mothers and grandmothers. The key to breaking generational curses and allowing God to interrupt bloodlines is ministering to women. When a woman sees her value through the eyes of Christ, she will share her revelation with another woman. A transformed woman helps transform women.

 I desire to make women feel when they are numb. Many women’s ministries provide great biblically and theologically sound information, but they don’t teach you how to "feel" about what you know, and how to interpret or apply it. When women leave an EMI event, their hearts are burning, just like the men on the road to Emmaus, because they have encountered the Lord.

My vision is to create a community of women who know one another and are known by each other. When these women feel free and safe to be themselves, they will, in turn, give other woman permission to be who they are. There is nothing more powerful than the genuine encouragement and love one woman can offer to another.

I value faith, authenticity, legacy, uniqueness and growth.

Brand Identity

Keisha is a Spiritual Midwife who positions herself in humility and strength to bring forth life from the women she serves. She is transitioning from a behind the scenes Lifter of organizations to the dynamic, emerging Leader of Encounter Ministries International. She is spiritually and academically equipped to disciple women of all ages and ethnicities. She is motivated by anyone pursuing excellence and laboring to be at the “top of their game”.

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