Upskill Teams, Lift Organizations

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Working in teams can be exhausting.

Competing personalities, ambitions, agendas and much more can become barriers to team effectiveness. Employees don’t merely need technical skills and knowledge to do their jobs well, they also must develop “soft” and “people” skills to become successful leaders and lifters.

Our workshops are designed to allow employees to take a pause from daily routines. In these engaging moments, the goal is for each employee to reflect, become self-aware and work on “soft” skills that lead to “hard” results. Employees are challenged to continually work toward reaching the “sweet spot” where maximum satisfaction at work meets maximum contribution to the organization.

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Mix and match the topics below to design an engaging half-day or full day workshop. This is not an exhaustive list. We can also incorporate additional agreed-upon content.

•    Honest and Empathetic Dialogue that Resolves Conflicts Leads to Results

•    How to Become a Feedback Seeker and Feedback Giver

•    Discover Your Strengths, Lift Your Team

•    The Relentless Pursuit of Less but Better

•    Manage Your Workplace Triggers

•    How to Help Your Manager Get the Best Out of You

•    How to REVAMP your Personal Brand

•    How to Transition to a New Role

In our workshops, the role of the facilitator is to help your employees see unhealthy team patterns, learn from other participants and prepare to apply new skills.

Our workshops are contractible and expandable. Topics can be used in smaller professional and intact groups, as well as larger seminars and conferences.

Audrey is very knowledgeable in business communications. She has assisted our firm on many occasions. She is a tremendous asset to our professional community!
— Roderick Wisham, Vice President of TQD Group