Entrepreneurial Mindset Training

Most people desire meaningful work. We believe the main difference between those who flourish and those who languish in the workplace is mindset. Entrepreneurial Mindset Training is a training program for individual contributors or managers. It complements rather than competes with other leadership training programs. At each stage of an organization’s life cycle, both mindsets (entrepreneurial and traditional) are needed for an organization to sustain and maintain growth.

An entrepreneurial mindset isn’t merely for entrepreneurs. And, an entrepreneurial mindset can be developed and enhanced through entrepreneurial learning experiences within organizations. When employees have an entrepreneurial mindset, they become “intrapreneurs” who are driven by purpose and usefulness. They begin to take ownership and become self-directed. They see opportunities where others see none and find ways to create value by solving problems. By cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset in organizations, we can empower and engage employees to solve problems. Each employee becomes a leader no matter their role or level.

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Train-the-Lifter (TTL) Model

We have a Train-the-Lifter model. Lifters don’t need to be expert trainers. They are program champions who want to facilitate and provide peer-to-peer accountability coaching.

Next Steps

Step 1: Organizational decision maker fills out the form on the Contact Us page for a discovery call to discuss the benefits and structure of the program.

Step 2: Identify potential program champions.

Step 3: Co-create an Implementation Plan.

Step 4: Implement Entrepreneurial Mindset Training.

Discover how an entrepreneurial mindset can unlock the potential of your workforce.

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